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Infrared Mono – Creative Lightroom Episode 9

In this weeks episode of Creative Lightroom I take a deep dive into creating stylish infrared style images in Lightroom. I first made mono infrared images way back in my film days, back then it was a tricky business requiring t...

Colour Popping with Style – Creative Lightroom 8

This weeks episode of Creative Lightroom is all about selective colour, also known as colour popping. Now before you say this is a repeat of Creative Lightroom Episode 3 then let’s be clear how this is different. In episo...


Split Tone Mono – Creative Lightroom Episode 7

This weeks episode of Creative Lightroom is all about going mono with a twist. Black and white is great but sometimes you want to add a bit of general colour and toning the image. Sepia and blue tone are popular choices. Split ...

Poppy field – 15 Minute Photo Challenge

Not so long ago I added a new 15 minute photo challenge to Adorama TV, if you can see the video below in case you missed it. This time I visited a field of poppies growing on the south downs just outside of Brighton, Sussex. I&...


Rounded Corner Border – Creative Lightroom Episode 6

This weeks episode of Creative Lightroom has a super quick but very smart looking border effect. Rounded rectangle borders like this look amazing not only on vintage and retro photos but are just great with any photo. Back when...

Pseudo HDR – Creative Lightroom Episode 5

Creative Lightroom has new reached episode 5, the half way point. In this weeks episode I’ve got a quick Lightroom trick which gives your photos a little bit of HDR magic. When I say HDR don’t think for a second tha...


Water shaped heart

I love photographing water. Technically it’s not hard to do and even with basic equipment the results can be amazing but water is a challenging subject if you want consistency. Every drip, splash or droplet of water will ...

Two Curves Tricks – Creative Lightroom Episode 4

In the fourth episode of Creative Lightroom, I have not one but two creative techniques and both of them involve using Curves. You can still catch the first three episodes here episode 1, Light leak effect episode 2, Painted bo...


Just one colour – Creative Lightroom Episode 3

In the third episode of Creative Lightroom, I have a very quick trick for reducing the number of colour tone ranges in your image to just one. This is a really quick and simple technique that works with all versions of Lightroo...

Coastal 15 minute photo challenge

I know there are a lot of photographers out there who enjoy my 15 minute photo challenge videos, including me. Although I don’t get the chance to make as many as I once did they’re certainly not consigned to the his...