Posted August 9, 2013 by Gavin Hoey in Videos

Water shaped heart

I love photographing water. Technically it’s not hard to do and even with basic equipment the results can be amazing but water is a challenging subject if you want consistency. Every drip, splash or droplet of water will be a little different to the last and that element of slight unpredictability is what makes every water photo unique.

In this tutorial I make use of the uniqueness of a water splash by throwing some in the air and freezing it with a burst of flash. Repeating the action produces more splashes of a similar, yet different shape and then it’s into Photoshop to make this amazingly beautiful water heart.

Can’t see the video? Click Here http://youtu.be/LrY78qEw68sWater-Heart-Final1024

Equipment used in this video:
Adobe Photoshop CS6 http://www.adorama.com/searchsite/default.aspx?searchinfo=photoshop+cs6&category=4294967278+11&KBID=67338

Canon 60D http://www.adorama.com/ICA60D.html?KBID=67338

Canon 24-105L f/4 IS http://www.adorama.com/CA24105AFU.html?KBID=67338

Vanguard ABEO Plus 283CT Tripod http://www.adorama.com/VGABEO283CT.html?KBID=67338

Vanguard GH-300 head http://www.adorama.com/VGGH300T.html?KBID=67338

Gavin Hoey