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Creative Glassware | Live Highlights

When it comes to tricky objects to photograph, glass is one of the most challenging. From black backgrounds and reflections to white backgrounds and wine bottles, glass objects make a great stay at home photo project and with a...

Freezing and Blurring Movement with Flash

Capturing the sense of motion can be done by freeze the action to cature a unique moment in time, or you could let the movement blur to give the sense of time passing. But why choose one or the other when you can have both in o...


Bottle Shadows – LIVE!

With lock down in full swing here in the UK (and around much of the rest of the world) I’ve finally had the time to explore the possibilities of live streaming some shoots from my small home studio. So here’s the fi...

Creative ideas at home

With the current restrictions on getting out and about, I reckon it was a good time to share some of Gavin’s creative video’s. Some of the items you may have at home, some things may make you think outside the box t...


Dark Potions Workshop – Wrap Up

Our Halloween workshop has been in the planning for the past few months. During that time Sam has been busy working hard to create spooky props and dark outfits. We were joined by 12 photographers for each date and two amazing ...

BTS Dressing Room Shoot

Gavin had an idea of creating a dressing room look, a behind the scenes glimpse at a theatre style. A real challenge in his small home studio, but he reckoned he was up to the challenge! The main thing we felt we needed was the...


Making A Rustic High Key Background

When Gavin decided he wanted to shoot high key portraits in a very small space he wanted to a background that was a little different for the usual pure white seamless look. So I was tasked with creating a more rustic looking li...

One Overhead Lighting Set Up

It’s always a challenge to keep things fresh and new in Gavin’s small home studio and sometimes that means taking it back to basics. The difference between just a small movement in the light can be really marked. Th...


Tudor Style Flash to Candle Light

After having a recce at the amazing Rowfant House we knew that a Tudor style theme would work really well. It also gave me a great excuse to hire a costume from a nearby theatre costume hire place based in the grounds at The Ch...

Best Position for your Softbox

It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut of setting up exactly the same lighting for every shoot. It’s a comfort, you know what result you get. Check out Gavin’s video to show the difference a shift in the softb...