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Friday Freebie

Frosty Frames

It takes a brave photographer to ask someone to model for them on a cold and frosty day. Luckily I have a solution that’s a lot warmer! For this Friday Freebie I’m giving away two hi-res images of frosty frames whic...
Friday Freebie

Light Textured Background

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a permanent studio and even fewer have the space for a textured wall. So being able to add texture to your portraits is a handy skill to have. Of course for this to work you’ll need so...


Tulip Field Portrait Shoot

We were incredibly lucky to be allowed to do a portrait shoot in the amazing tulip fields of Mark & Susanne in Norfolk recently. Something usually prohibited as it compromises the crop and many other factors. We had a coupl...

Tudor Style Flash to Candle Light

After having a recce at the amazing Rowfant House we knew that a Tudor style theme would work really well. It also gave me a great excuse to hire a costume from a nearby theatre costume hire place based in the grounds at The Ch...


Best Position for your Softbox

It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut of setting up exactly the same lighting for every shoot. It’s a comfort, you know what result you get. Check out Gavin’s video to show the difference a shift in the softb...
Friday Freebie

Festive Stars Template

With the festive holidays fast approaching I thought I’d share my festive stars template. My planned use for this is that it will become a background for a fine art portrait but I’m pretty sure there’s plenty ...


Colour Management video teaser

There are a few questions we get asked about regularly and colour management is one of those topics. We had great fun in the studio making this video, we knew we wanted an awesome model to showcase some colours and killer moves...

Scary Halloween Basement Shoot

When Kerry said she was available for a shoot, even though it was only August, we knew it should be a Halloween shoot. Not sure why but most of the models, make up artists and quite a lot of photographers love this theme! Despi...


Creating props and outfits for shoots

Creativity is an essential part of Gavin’s photography. From deciding on the best angles and make up styling to venues and props we take a pride in creating and sourcing things to individualise our shoots and workshops. I am al...

Make Up, Quick vs Quality

We started working with make up artists several years ago for our portrait shoots. It really opened our eyes to how much make up can change the look of your shots. Some themes and styled shoots can benefit dramatically from the...