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Shooting a slide show

What do you do with all the 1000’s or may be 10,000’s of photos you take every year? There’s only so many pictures you can put on Facebook and tweeting to many photos, to often, is a sure fire way to loose followers. Of course ...

Faking into a sweat

So you want your model to look they’ve done a workout but you don’t have a gym in your studio. What do you do? Well you could send them out for a run or turn the heating up to max, both would work but neither is ide...


Poppy field – 15 Minute Photo Challenge

Not so long ago I added a new 15 minute photo challenge to Adorama TV, if you can see the video below in case you missed it. This time I visited a field of poppies growing on the south downs just outside of Brighton, Sussex. I&...

Coastal 15 minute photo challenge

I know there are a lot of photographers out there who enjoy my 15 minute photo challenge videos, including me. Although I don’t get the chance to make as many as I once did they’re certainly not consigned to the his...


Planning for Black & White

Way back  when I started learning photography the only real option for serious photographers was to make black and white prints and we were darn good at it too. Skip forward 25 years and now everyone takes colour photos but tha...

Bonus composite videos

Last week I uploaded the two part video with Mark Wallace and myself. If you missed it the click here to go back and see both videos. Mark was kind enough to share all the photos he shot with me and it seemed like a terrible wa...


Composite with Mark Wallace

A few weeks back I had the absolute privilege of spending a few hours with photographer and fellow Adorama TV presenter Mark Wallace. He was on a European vaccation and we met up in London for a chat over a cup of tea. Dispite ...

Candlelight From A Speedlite

Candle light is one of the toughest types of light to work with for several reasons. There’s the obvious health and safety issues with naked flames and when your studios ‘made of wood (like mine is) that’s a b...


Shooting Ice Hockey for Adorama TV

A few weeks back I got the chance to shoot an ice hockey match at the rink in Bracknell. I had a blast, so much so that when I was invited back to shoot the Bracknell Hornets vs The Cardiff Devils I knew I had to shoot a video ...