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Photo Realistic HDR

Over the past couple of years the letters HDR have become synonymous with heavily processed images, garish colours and unreal contrast. Don’t get me wrong, when done with skill that kind of processing can look amazing… on the r...

Amazing Christmas bokeh

Happy Christmas! What did you find wrapped up under the Christmas tree? If you got a shiny new tripod or a lovely new lens then here’s a great photo technique that’s absolutely perfect for today. Bokeh or background blur as it’...


Shooting textures in the landscape

What do you do when the thing you wanted to photograph has disappeared under water? Well that was the dilemma I faced a few weeks back when I went to the beach. To make matters worse it wasn’t a stunningly beautiful beach and t...

15 Minute Photo Challenge ~ Gatwick Revisited

It’s the return of the 15 minute photo challenge. One camera, one location, and only 15 minutes to find great photos! This time I get to return to one of my favourite photo locations as I try out Canon’s all new EOS M cam...


Create "Art Paper" in Photoshop

Isn’t it always the way… You really want to add an art paper texture to your photos but you just don’t have the right image to hand. So what do you do? Well, in this video I’ll show you how to create you own art paper texture c...

Paint Splash Photography

I’ve photographed water drops on many occasions and I’m always amazed by the stunning images that something as hum drum as a drip of water can create. The only problem with water is it’s transparent nature. That’s fine if you w...


Teaser ~ 15 Minute Photo Challenge

I keep getting asked to make more 15 minute photo challenge videos and I keep promising that I will. So here’s a short teaser clip from a brand new 15 Minute Photo Challenge video that will we filmed last week at one of my favo...

Shooting Zombies (with a camera)

It’s Halloween and that means lots of people are dressing up in scary costumes, which in turn makes Halloween a great photo opportunity. A few weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph a world record attempt to ...


Focus Stacking ~ T+MGP 07

Depth of field is one of those fundamental skills that photographers learn. If you’re new to photography then the principle behind depth of field can be simplified to a choice of aperture. A small f number gives a smaller depth...

Kingston HyperX SSD Upgrade

Recently I wrote about my two year old laptop which, compared to my main PC, is painfully slow when it comes to Photoshop. With maxed out RAM and Photoshop CS6 installed I thought my laptop was at the end of its life. However t...