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Gloucester prison group shoot

Going to prison isn’t something I’d ever want to do. But going to a decommissioned prison and having exclusive access to all areas is my sort of event. Gloucester prison is an incredible location to visit. Its last residents le...

Film Noir in a small studio

How do you sum up the film noir style? For me words like dark, moody and sinister would be fitting but there’s a lot more to it then that. There’s the style both in lighting and subject matter to consider too. I always think of...


Adorama TV LIVE!

It’s been a busy few weeks for me with trade shows and travel filling my diary. Top of the list was a flying visit to the Adorama store in New York, a city like no other! I’ve never been to New York before but of course I’ve se...
Friday Freebie

Heavy Painted Border

Here’s another amazing border from my recent painting session. This time I’ve gone for a border that surrounds your photo with a wide painted edge. Full download instructions are below but you can also Click Here To...

Friday Freebie

White Painted Border

This was fun to make and not just because things got a bit too messy! This Friday Freebie was lovingly hand crafted from nothing but the finest kids paints, most of which seemed to end up on my desk and not the paper. There is ...

Perfect Photo Suite 8 First Look

There’s no shortage of plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements and many of them can really help get the most from your photos. For years I’ve been really happy with Nik Software and Color Efex Pro 4 has become...


Faking into a sweat

So you want your model to look they’ve done a workout but you don’t have a gym in your studio. What do you do? Well you could send them out for a run or turn the heating up to max, both would work but neither is ide...
Friday Freebie

Eroded Edge Texture

This weeks Friday Freebie is an eroded texture which is simple to use and gives amazing results. It’s a black and white texture that has a dark mottled centre, fading to a lighter edge. Full download instructions are belo...


Colour Popping with Style – Creative Lightroom 8

This weeks episode of Creative Lightroom is all about selective colour, also known as colour popping. Now before you say this is a repeat of Creative Lightroom Episode 3 then let’s be clear how this is different. In episo...

Split Tone Mono – Creative Lightroom Episode 7

This weeks episode of Creative Lightroom is all about going mono with a twist. Black and white is great but sometimes you want to add a bit of general colour and toning the image. Sepia and blue tone are popular choices. Split ...