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Friday Freebie

Art Paper Action ~ Friday Freebie

Last week I made a Photoshop tutorial that showed you a simple way of making an art paper type of texture. If you missed the video you can catch it here. It was pointed out to me that the technique could be turned into a brilli...

15 Minute Photo Challenge ~ Gatwick Revisited

It’s the return of the 15 minute photo challenge. One camera, one location, and only 15 minutes to find great photos! This time I get to return to one of my favourite photo locations as I try out Canon’s all new EOS M cam...


Choosing an SD card for video

As a stills photographer I’m used to grabbing the nearest memory card, popping it in the camera and shooting photos. As long as there’s enough space on the card I’m good to go. But when it comes to capturing video with your DSL...

Carry Speed FS-Pro 2 ~ Review

Much as I love my Black Rapid sling straps I’ve never been 100% happy with them. So I was keen to find out how the Carry Speed FS-Pro 2 measured up. Verdict: There’s no denying that Carry Speed FS-Pro 2 is a well designed and w...


Create "Art Paper" in Photoshop

Isn’t it always the way… You really want to add an art paper texture to your photos but you just don’t have the right image to hand. So what do you do? Well, in this video I’ll show you how to create you own art paper texture c...
Friday Freebie

Extract Detail Action

This weeks Friday Freebie is a brilliant little action that pulls out and amplifies the small detail and textures in your photos. As with all actions the strength of the effect will vary according to the number of pixels in the...


Paint Splash Photography

I’ve photographed water drops on many occasions and I’m always amazed by the stunning images that something as hum drum as a drip of water can create. The only problem with water is it’s transparent nature. That’s fine if you w...

3 Questions to ask before buying a camera

What camera should I buy? With the huge and confusing choice of cameras on the market today, it’s a question that I’m asked time and again. I may be wrong but I get the feeling that most people who ask me that question want a s...


Teaser ~ 15 Minute Photo Challenge

I keep getting asked to make more 15 minute photo challenge videos and I keep promising that I will. So here’s a short teaser clip from a brand new 15 Minute Photo Challenge video that will we filmed last week at one of my favo...

Kingston Ultimate 600X ~ Review

In this review I’m looking at the Kingston ultimate 600X, it’s a compact flash memory card that promises to really pack a punch when it comes to speed and capacity. Lets see how well if fares in the real world. Verd...