Posted November 16, 2012 by Gavin Hoey in Friday Freebie

Extract Detail Action

This weeks Friday Freebie is a brilliant little action that pulls out and amplifies the small detail and textures in your photos.

FF-detail-1As with all actions the strength of the effect will vary according to the number of pixels in the image but this one gives great results with pretty much any sized photo. You’ll need a copy of Photoshop (CS2 or later) to make the action work and at the moment it’s untested on Photoshop Elements but should work OK.

Once installed you’ll find there are three actions in the set. They’re level 1, 2 and 3 and basically it’s the same effect with three different strengths.

The action is fully self contained which means you don’t need to do anything other then click the play button. It also makes a copy of your photo (called Extract Detail) so you can copy and paste it back on to your original photo and blend in the effect as you wish.

You can download the action from here www.gavtrain.com/free/extract-detail.zip


Usual rules apply. The action is copyright Gavin Hoey 2012. You may use it for personal, non-commercial purposes only and please do not redistribute without permission. Thank you and enjoy Smile

Gavin Hoey