Posted May 2, 2017 by Gavin Hoey in Videos

Pointless Photo Challenge, Episode 1

Photography can be a serious business sometimes, doubly so for me as it’s both my job and my hobby. But take things too seriously and run the risk of losing the fun factor and that’s often where the more creative side photography comes to the surface.

So when my good friend and fellow Adorama TV presenter Mark Wallace recently stopped by my house for a few days, we came up with a whole bunch of fun photo challenges to test our photography skills in a slightly pointless but hugely enjoyable way.

In this episode both Mark and I take part in a model shoot and background folding challenge. Sounds easy? Well there’s a twist.

For the model shoot we both worked with Kerry Allingham but with the following instructions…
Reverse model shoot.
Swap places with Kerry and instruct her on how to take the best portrait of you. You can not touch any equipment including your camera or lights and you can’t see the photos until after the shoot. You have 20 minutes starting now

The next challenge was much more straight forward…
Folding challenge
Fold these three reflectors whilst blind folded. Fastest wins.

While there’s no arguing I won the folding challenge, who won the reverse model shoot is open to debate. Let me know who you think won and why in the comments below.

Gavin Hoey