Posted January 26, 2016 by Gavin Hoey in Videos

5 FAQ’s (and answers) about flash meters

If you shoot with flash you may well be aware that speedlights and (increasingly) studio strobes come in either manual or TTL versions. If you’re shooting weddings, events or any sort of running and gunning photography, TTL is brilliant but for me manual flash teamed with a flash meter is how I like to work in the studio.

If you’re thinking a flash meter might be what you need to improve the consistency of you shots or you already have a flash meter but aren’t sure on how to get started with it, then I’ve got you covered.

In the video above I cover the top 5 questions I hear from photographers and flash meters.

  • Can’t I just use my camera’s meter?
  • Do all flash meters work the same?
  • How do I trigger the flash and the meter?
  • Where do I point the meter?
  • Do I really need one?

My flash meter of choice is the Sekonic L-308S Flashmate. It’s about as basic as a handheld meter can be but it’s super reliable and excellent value for money. More information can be found over at Adorama http://www.adorama.com/SKL308SN.html?KBID=67338


Gavin Hoey