Posted July 24, 2013 by Gavin Hoey in Articles

Bringing back Photoshop’s missing filters

Missing-Filters-1When Adobe moved from Photoshop CS5 to Photoshop CS6 they gave the interface a long overdue facelift. The most obvious change is the new default dark interface but to make that happen the Photoshop engineers had to remake 1000’s of buttons, icons and panels from scratch.

As if that wasn’t enough Adobe decided that now was also good time to do a spot of Photoshop spring cleaning and one place where that’s most obvious is in the filter menu. In fact at first glance you might well think that half the filters have been removed.

Take a quick glance down the filter list of Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC and you won’t find the Artistic, Brush Strokes, Sketch, Stylize or Texture filters listed. They’re still in the Filter Gallery, just not on the filer group list.

So how do you get the full list back? The answer is hidden away in the preferences.

The option to switch on the full filter list is under:
PC Users  Edit – Preferences – Plug-Ins
Mac Users  Photoshop – Preferences – Plug-Ins 

Tick the box marked Show all Filter Gallery groups and names, then restart Photoshop. Your complete list of filters will now be back.Missing-Filters-2

Gavin Hoey