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Flashpoint Rovelight RL600 Review

The world of flash is rapidly changing. 12 months ago I was using my Elinchrom flashes in the studio and my collection of Speedlights on location. But new battery technology has changed what I use and how I shoot. The perfect e...

Home Studio Essentials Episodes 1-10

If you’ve been watching my recent videos over on Adorama TV you’ll have noticed a pattern forming. Over the past months the majority of the videos have focused on shooting with flash in a small, home studio and judg...


Drama With Grids – Home Studio Essentials – PT 6

For almost all of my studio works, soft light is what I want but every now and then it’s great to break that mold and do something with a bit more edge with grids or snoots. Fortunately my Adorama Streaklights have  purpo...

5 in 1 Reflector – Home Studio Essentials – Episode 4

There’s 1000’s of photographic gadgets, gizmos and accessories that you can spend your hard earned money on and whilst many are utterly useless, there are a few that are indispensable. Towards the top of my list of ...


The Softbox – Home Studio Essentials – Episode 3

There’s a reason why the softbox is my “go to” light modifier in my small home studio and it’s all to do with one of the biggest challenges photographers face when shooting in small spaces. With lots of ...

Home Studio Essentials – Episode 2

Speedlites and flash units are great but after a while the hard light they produce can become a bit limiting. In part 1 of my home studio essential skills I used a bare flash but now it’s time to add an umbrella. It’...


Home Studio Essentials – Episode 1

Very few photographers have access to a professional studio but lots of us enjoy shooting portraits and so all over the world spare bedrooms, garages and front rooms are regularly converted from their intended use into makeshif...

Flashpoint Streaklight 360Ws

So you want all the brightness of a studio flash without the restrictions of mains power, what do you do? Well you could choose the battery powered Prophoto B1, Elinchrom Quadra’s or buy 4 speedlights and group them together. E...


Speedlights, brollies and zooming flashes

If you’ve used a Speedlight then you’ll have spotted the zoom setting which can be used to make the spread of light from the flash match the angle of view from your lens. When it comes to on camera flash that’s great news...

Adorama TV LIVE!

It’s been a busy few weeks for me with trade shows and travel filling my diary. Top of the list was a flying visit to the Adorama store in New York, a city like no other! I’ve never been to New York before but of course I’ve se...