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Review PIXAPRO 580 Li-ion Speedlight

On the surface the PIXAPRO 580 looks just like any other Speedlight but look inside and you’ll find it’s hidden secret. The usual AA batteries that I have a love hate relationship with are gone, replaced by a lithium battery wh...

Think Tank Photo Mirrorless Mover 25i – Review

Over time I’ve collected far more camera bags then you might think one photographer would ever need but the reality is I move my gear  from bag to bag depending on what I’m shooting. However none of my DSLR bags is small enough...


Wild Woodland Workshop Wrap-Up

UPDATE: Scroll down to see the gallery from the September woodland workshop It may have taken months of planning but last Sunday everything came together perfectly for the Wild Woodland Workshop. A group of 12 photographers des...

Honor 6 Plus – Hands On Review

If you’re looking for an in depth review of the Honor 6 plus phones features this is not it. In fact you might be wondering why I’m reviewing a smart phone on my photography blog at all. Well the answer is simple. Much as I lov...


Radian Time-Lapse Review

The Radian is a very rare thing. It’s a photography product that hit its Kickstarter funding target. Not only that but it’s now in production and available to buy. The Radian from Alpine Labs is designed to control your camera ...

Canon 70D ~ Hands On

After much rumour and speculation the Canon 70D finally hit the shops a few weeks back and recently I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one for a day of photographing motocross. As a 60D owner I was keen to see if the 70D w...


Kingston Mobile Lite ~ Review

Do you need a card reader that can also share/backup your files and photos wirelessly and gives your mobile device a burst of power in an emergency? If so the Kingston Moblie Lite Wireless could be the answer you’re looking for...

Pocket Box Softbox kit ~ Review

To be completely accurate this is a review of the Westcott Erin Manning Pocket Box Flash Softbox Kit which is a big name for a small softbox. We’ll come back to the Erin Manning connection later in this review but to begin with...


SD Memory Card Group Test

There was a time when any old memory card would do but today there’s a huge range of SD memory cards to choose from and the price per gigabyte is ever falling. In this group review I’ll be looking at five 32GB SD cards which al...

Vanguard GH-100 Pistol Grip ~ Review

The GH-100 is a pistol grip style of tripod head which fortunately describes its looks rather then its use. Over the years I’ve seen the popularity of pistol grip heads come and go and my own experience with them hasn’t been gr...