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Hereford Photo Walk

On the 31st October 2015 I visited the beautiful city of Hereford for a day of photo walking. I’d been invited by Olympus UK who organised the event and we were hosted by the LCE camera store in Hereford. Never having visited H...

5 Questions about flash meters

One of the very first lighting accessories I brought was a flash meter, in fact the same meter gets used and abused almost every time I use manual flash. I’ve used my handheld flash meter with speedlights and studio flash...


5 times your camera meter will be wrong

Camera metering systems are pretty amazing and I’m usually very happy for the evaluative metering systems in my cameras to figure out the exposure and leave me to get on with sorting the composition. But no matter how smart mod...

Wild Woodland Workshop Wrap-Up

UPDATE: Scroll down to see the gallery from the September woodland workshop It may have taken months of planning but last Sunday everything came together perfectly for the Wild Woodland Workshop. A group of 12 photographers des...


Day to night in a flash

Shoots at night can yield some stunning photos but the lack of light has a bunch of problems that can easily trip you up… literately. However if you have a little bit of flash know how, it is possible to do a portrait shoot and...

Smoke on location

It’s amazing how adding a little bit of smoke can completely alter the look of a portrait shoot and a few months back I made a little video showing how I use a smoke machine in my studio. But with the long summer days and...


How Focal Length Affects Your Background

There are many reasons for choosing one lens over another and which one you shoot with can have a massive impact on the final photo. Like many photographers I love the flexibility of zoom lenses and often have to make the choic...

Bluebell 15 Minute Photo Challenge

I’m a sucker for bluebells, so when I got the chance to shoot some at a local wood I grabbed it. The bluebell season can be very short but there’s still something to be said for waiting for the right light and shooting at the r...


Food Photography Workshop

One area of photography that you may not know that I work in is food photography. You’ll rarely see any food photos on this blog but there’s plenty over at Sams Kitchen, which is the blog run by my wife Sam. Sam is a food write...

Honor 6 Plus – Hands On Review

If you’re looking for an in depth review of the Honor 6 plus phones features this is not it. In fact you might be wondering why I’m reviewing a smart phone on my photography blog at all. Well the answer is simple. Much as I lov...