Posted November 17, 2015 by Gavin Hoey in Articles

Hereford Photo Walk

On the 31st October 2015 I visited the beautiful city of Hereford for a day of photo walking. I’d been invited by Olympus UK who organised the event and we were hosted by the LCE camera store in Hereford.

Never having visited Hereford before I’d done my research and planned a route I thought would be photographically interesting and just the right distance to fill the two and a half hours I had for both the morning an afternoon walks.

You can see a selection of photo from the day and read a little more of what happened by clicking this link


I used Adobe Slate to create that web page and it’s a brilliant free tool for telling a photo story. It’s been around on the iPad for a few months but very recently it launched on the web which is how I made mine.

I loved the high quality, full frame images and the way the pages scroll together. It looks beautiful on a computer and even better on a tablet or phone. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it again soon.

The photo walk was a free event organised by Olympus UK but anyone with any make of camera was welcome. I saw Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Pentax cameras being used by the walkers as well lots of Olympus bodies and lenses, many of which were on loan from Olympus for the walk.

You can found out about upcoming events on the Olympus Imaging Space and if you’d like me to do a photo walk near you, don’t tell me, tell Olympus 😉


Gavin Hoey