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My Adorama Streaklight Bundles

After a bit of arm twisting Adorama has just released the “Gavin Hoey Recommends…” Streaklight Essentials Bundle and the Streaklight Twin Kit Bundle. If you’ve been watching any of my recent videos you&#...

Speedlights, brollies and zooming flashes

If you’ve used a Speedlight then you’ll have spotted the zoom setting which can be used to make the spread of light from the flash match the angle of view from your lens. When it comes to on camera flash that’s great news...


Water shaped heart

I love photographing water. Technically it’s not hard to do and even with basic equipment the results can be amazing but water is a challenging subject if you want consistency. Every drip, splash or droplet of water will ...

Candlelight From A Speedlite

Candle light is one of the toughest types of light to work with for several reasons. There’s the obvious health and safety issues with naked flames and when your studios ‘made of wood (like mine is) that’s a b...


Backlit portrait with just one light

I’m a huge fan of using speedlights, or flash guns as I grew up calling them and I know a lot of photographers own at least one. For me the humble speedlight is a powerful tool capable of producing amazing portraits. In this vi...

Pocket Box Softbox kit ~ Review

To be completely accurate this is a review of the Westcott Erin Manning Pocket Box Flash Softbox Kit which is a big name for a small softbox. We’ll come back to the Erin Manning connection later in this review but to begin with...