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Friday Freebie
Friday Freebie

Smoke Photography (almost) LIVE!

About 10 years ago I made a video all about photographing smoke patterns. Dig around on YouTube and you’ll find it but a lot has changed in that time and I don’t just mean how grey my hair has gone. I felt it was ti...
Friday Freebie

Instant (Overhead) Rain Action

On a recent live stream I created an overhead, rainy day scene in my small home studio. If you missed it, I’ve added the video below. During the stream I added some rain using a Photoshop action and as promised, I’m...


Water Reversal Backgrounds

If you’re looking for a simple stay at home photo project then this is for you. All you need is a glass filled with water and one of my free backgrounds. The water filled glass acts as a simple lens and reverses the image...
Friday Freebie

Neon Background Shapes

Neon backgrounds are not normally something you’d find in a studio but with a bit of planning, my free neon backgrounds and a little time in Photoshop, you can. There are four free neon shapes in this set. I’ve made...

Friday Freebie

Light Textured Background

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a permanent studio and even fewer have the space for a textured wall. So being able to add texture to your portraits is a handy skill to have. Of course for this to work you’ll need so...
Friday Freebie

Festive Stars Template

With the festive holidays fast approaching I thought I’d share my festive stars template. My planned use for this is that it will become a background for a fine art portrait but I’m pretty sure there’s plenty ...

Friday Freebie

Instant Snow V2

Way back in 2013 I made a simple Photoshop action that made snow. As it turns out it makes REALLY good looking snow and even today it’s regularly in the top three most visited pages of my blog. The secret to it’s su...
Friday Freebie

F-Stop Chart

Flash meters are super helpful for lots of reasons but to really get the most from them you also need to know your f stop aperture numbers. You might already know that you need one more stop of light to move from f/5.6 to f/8 b...

Friday Freebie

Wall of sound background

Recently I needed a wall of speakers in my studio to make an amazing background for an upcoming music shoot. But after a bit of thought I realised there were three major problems with the idea. First, my studio space is a lot s...
Friday Freebie

Free Smoke Textures

Recently I’ve run a couple of workshops that used smoke effects, the Music and Magic workshop was a great example. During the workshops I’ve mentioned that the volume of smoke can easily be enhanced with a little he...