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Shooting Winter and Snow Studio Portraits

I love shooting portraits outside on location but winter can pose problems. Changeable weather and short days don’t help but cold, wet weather are my nemesis. So perhaps it’s not surprising that I find myself spendi...

Aviation Apocalypse – Wrap Up

UPDATE: Scroll down to see the gallery from the 2nd running of the Aviation Apocalypse in September 2016 Last Sunday (24th July 2016) was the first Aviation Apocalypse workshop and after months of planning, building and testing...

Friday Freebie

Curtain Action – Friday Freebie

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday freebie so lets put that right with a Photoshop action. This Action creates a set of beautiful curtains in a theatrical style with a single click of your mouse. There’...
Friday Freebie

Creased and Folded Action – Friday Freebie

In the real world folding a photo isn’t a smart move unless it’s heading for the bin. However in the mad cap world of Photoshop you can virtually fold a photo any time you like. With this Friday Freebie Photoshop ac...


Instant Photo Collage Action – Friday Freebie

It’s a case of two for the price of one with this Friday freebie Photoshop action as I’ve recorded a version for portrait (upright) and landscape (wide) format images. This action is an extension of the four part sp...
Friday Freebie

Pile of Prints Action – Friday Freebie

Here’s a lovely little Photoshop action which produces a very pleasing effect, all with one click of the mouse. Back in the day I recall the joy and frustration of getting a pile of prints back from the developers and sor...

Friday Freebie

Cut Corners Action

You know how some ideas sound easy until you try and make them happen, well this Friday Freebie Photoshop action really ticks that box. All I wanted to do was make a photo look like it was slotted into the corners of a vintage ...
Friday Freebie

Four Parts Action

The idea with this Friday Freebie is really simple, take one photo, cut it into four equal parts and give each bit a twist or two. Well that was my plan when I started making this action but I just had to go one step further. S...

Friday Freebie

Squared edged border action

This weeks Friday Freebie is a work in progress from my next action set. The new set won’t be ready just yet but once completed it will be the successor to my hugely popular Amazing Borders Set 1.  A good border can reall...
Friday Freebie

Instant Extra Confetti

This weeks Friday Freebie is perfect for wedding photographers who are looking to enhance thier conffeti photos with a burst of extra confetti. You can download the action here: Instant Confetti The confetti shot at a wedding i...