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Aviation Apocalypse – Wrap Up

Scroll down to see the gallery from the 2nd running of the Aviation Apocalypse in September 2016

Last Sunday (24th July 2016) was the first Aviation Apocalypse workshop and after months of planning, building and testing ideas and outfits, it was amazing to see it all come together.

The Gatwick Aviation Museum was the location for the workshop and I was joined by 14 enthusiastic photographers and two amazing models. In order to keep the groups small and the shooting time high, I roped in the help of Tommy Reynolds as a group leader who did a brilliant job passing on his ideas and passion for the shoot.

The theme for the morning was aviators. I worked with Roger who took on the role of a fighter pilot. The museums Buccaneer and Hunter aircraft were the backdrop and we were also granted special access to the Buccaneer’s cockpit.

Tommy and Kerry turned back the clock with a vintage, Amelia Earhart inspired look. Once again the museum came up trumps, allowing us access inside the Sea Prince aircraft and the chance to get some really great shots. The group also made great use of the shade found under the massive Shackleton.

After a spot of lunch and a change of look we took on the apocalypse part of the themed workshop.

I took Kerry into the workshop area of the museum where there was plenty of rust and a few ageing vehicles. Smoke and flash combined with a bit of camera know how to create some serious moody images.

Tommy found plenty of post-apocalyptic inspiration at the other end of the museum and Roger unleashed his inner and outer strength with amazing results.

There’s nothing more frustrating to me than seeing a workshop organiser shooting photos for themselves at the expense of the attendees. As a result I hardly have a single “good” photo from the day. Fortunately, the photographers who joined us took thousands of shots and below are a few that I’ve been sent so far.

We ran the workshop for a second time in September. Once again I was joined by Roger and Kerry as our models and Tommy as my second group leader. This time the weather was a lot more apocalyptic with rain forcing us to spend the afternoon. Luckily the Gatwick Aviation Museum is great inside and out.

Below are a selection of photos from the 14 photographers who came along and made the whole day very enjoyable.

Gavin Hoey