Posted October 19, 2018 by Sam-Hoey-Events in Articles

Creating props and outfits for shoots

Creativity is an essential part of Gavin’s photography. From deciding on the best angles and make up styling to venues and props we take a pride in creating and sourcing things to individualise our shoots and workshops.

I am always thrilled when someone takes the time to email or tell us how they appreciated the preparation and styling from a workshop, as this is something that happens way before the day and can make the difference between a good shoot and an amazing one.

Here’s just a few items we made our own for the ever popular Aviation Apocalypse workshop!

An old protective mask, before and after. Then in use attached to Kerry’s handmade post apocalypse costume.

Gavin printed this grenade on a 3D printer, it was a rather bright lime green so I gave it a paint treatment. It was added to Roger’s post apocalypse costume that we handmade.

On a recent commissioned rerun of this workshop by Olympus, we made 2 new outfits on a quick turn around. Here’s the clothes for Brian the ‘Feral Hunter’ before and then a test shoot giving them a trial run before the big day after an apocalyptic treatment.

Here’s a new look for Kerry, hoping to make it warmer as we were shooting outdoors in October, but it was actually really hot weather that day. This was made from our old sofa!!

It’s not just the models that get to try the outfits on for size!

The devil’s in the detail.