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Water Workshop Timelapse

A few weeks ago I ran a slimmed down version of my water workshop at the Jessops store in London’s Oxford Street. This was an Olympus UK sponsored event but was open to any photographer whatever make of camera they owned. It wa...

Make a simple LED Background

All sorts of random things can be turned into an amazing  portrait background but last year I was shown something called the Pixel Stick which looked amazing. It was a Kickstarter backed project that combined LED’s and long exp...


Tips for Better Bokeh

Recently I shared a few of my bokeh shots as a Friday Freebie. Nice as they are, nothing beats shooting your own stock shots and luckily bokeh is easy to do. This time of year is also perfect for bokeh shots with many places co...

Bluebell 15 Minute Photo Challenge

I’m a sucker for bluebells, so when I got the chance to shoot some at a local wood I grabbed it. The bluebell season can be very short but there’s still something to be said for waiting for the right light and shooting at the r...


Radian Time-Lapse Review

The Radian is a very rare thing. It’s a photography product that hit its Kickstarter funding target. Not only that but it’s now in production and available to buy. The Radian from Alpine Labs is designed to control your camera ...

Vanguard Alta CA 233 AGH Tripod

Tripod follow one of the fundamental rules of life which is, the more you pay the longer it will last. Buy a cheepo tripod from the super market and you’ll regret it almost the first time you use it but after that there’s a sli...


Retro Cross Polarisation Effect

Here in the UK we’re in the full grip of Autumn and all the wonderful photo opportunities that this time of year brings. Sadly the amazing colours of autumn are usually a fleeting thing with wind and rain making the chanc...

Coastal 15 minute photo challenge

I know there are a lot of photographers out there who enjoy my 15 minute photo challenge videos, including me. Although I don’t get the chance to make as many as I once did they’re certainly not consigned to the his...


Planning for Black & White

Way back  when I started learning photography the only real option for serious photographers was to make black and white prints and we were darn good at it too. Skip forward 25 years and now everyone takes colour photos but tha...

Five myths about Image Stabilisation

Canon calls it image stabilisation, Nikon uses vibration reduction and Sigma has Optical Stabilizer. The name may be different but the aim is the same. IS, VR and OS all promise the chance to shoot sharper shots at slower shutt...