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Making The Most of Motivated Lighting

Motivated light is a term that’s more normally used in the world of the movies but there’s no reason for us stills photographers not to be aware of it and use it to create some great effects. So what is motivated li...

Smoke Machine Background

One of the draw backs of working in any studio is the finite nature of the backgrounds you can work with during a shoot. Of course if you’re handy at a bit of DIY you can build your own sets and create some amazing backgr...


Flash Duration To Freeze Action

One of the many amazing things you can do with flash is use it to stop fast moving things in their tracks. Unlike working with a continuous light it’s not the shutter speed that freezes the action, it’s the tiny amo...

My Photography Show 2015 Schedule

There’s only two weeks to go until The Photography Show opens its doors at the N.E.C. in Birmingham and I can’t wait. Running from the 21st – 24th March, it’s the UK’s biggest and busiest photography show and it’s packed to the...


Controlling reflections in glasses

So you’ve got the lights, you have your model and you’re ready to shoot. Then you take a test photo and all you see is huge white reflections. It’s a problem that happens all too often but fortunately there are a couple o...

Radian Time-Lapse Review

The Radian is a very rare thing. It’s a photography product that hit its Kickstarter funding target. Not only that but it’s now in production and available to buy. The Radian from Alpine Labs is designed to control your camera ...


Softbox Size vs Soft Light

One of the primary uses of a softbox is to give soft lighting, but with so many sizes available, which one should you use? The answer in part comes from the classic rule with soft lighting which is this. The bigger the light so...

Tips for buying a camera

With the January sales either looming or already here, you might be considering buying a new camera. Now I’m not going to tell you which brand and model of camera you should choose as there are countless options out there...


Photo Quiz 2014

Test your camera and Photoshop knowledge with 15 questions. At the end of the quiz you’ll be given a score based on how man errors you make NOTE: Click the arrows to move from question to question.

Red Riding Hood Photo Shoots

You probably already know the story of Red Riding Hood, it’s a timeless fairy tale about a girl and a big bad wolf. It’s also a popular subject for photography and something I wanted to take on too. Traditionally th...