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Questions to Canon

On Sunday I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was visiting Canon this week and asked for any questions I should put to them. There were a few questions about bagging some freebies but most of the questions raised were about ...

Canon 70D ~ Hands On

After much rumour and speculation the Canon 70D finally hit the shops a few weeks back and recently I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one for a day of photographing motocross. As a 60D owner I was keen to see if the 70D w...


Rounded Corner Border – Creative Lightroom Episode 6

This weeks episode of Creative Lightroom has a super quick but very smart looking border effect. Rounded rectangle borders like this look amazing not only on vintage and retro photos but are just great with any photo. Back when...
Friday Freebie

35mm Film Template

I found this weeks Friday Freebie whilst sorting through a pile of old slides I had gathering dust in my office. I’d used this one during the ’90’s in what was known at the time as a “slide sandwich̶...


Five ways to crack high ISO

What do you do when flash isn’t an option, you can’t use a tripod and your shutter speeds are in danger of dropping too low? The answer is, of course, you increase your ISO. But as we all know, there’s a direct connection betwe...