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May Photo Challenge – The Results

The theme for the May photo competition was “Something beginning with B” which, when it comes to themes, is just about as open as you can get.

First up I’d like to thank everyone who got into the spirit of the competition. There was another strong entry with 127 photo being entered and I although the quantity was slightly lower then last month the number of top quality entries was much higher. You can view all the entries by going to the Flickr group page.

As always I looked at all 127 entries very carefully and over the course of a few days I whittled down the number. First I rejected anything that, in my opinion, didn’t start with B. The only problem with that idea was almost all of the entries were bang on theme. So once again it came down to personal taste (mine in this case), so I selected my favourite photos. Even though I was being quite tough with my selection I was still left with 29 photos!

To be honest there were several photos which could have easily taken the top spot as I think they’re outstanding. However there can only be one winner and this month the winner is…B for Bike By martin tyson

B for bike

Martin will be getting a copy of his print made by my good friends over at Print Yours.

Near Misses…
I really agonised over the top 10 but I’m very happy with the choice.The runners up in no particular order are below. Click on an image to view it large on Flickr. If you didn’t win this time there will be a new challenge. Details are coming very soon.

Band4 by mleepeak
B for Blossom... 
B for Blossom by Ajay Shrestha 
Blind - Gav Train : May 2012 Photo Challenge Blind by AdrienPerinot
Busy Bee
Busy Bee By P.Höcherl
Bugatti By Jellymoon Photography
Are you talking to me?
Are you talking to me? By ♔Siroker♔
B for Butterfly - an insect that was not camera shy for once.
B for Butterfly
By Oh no he has a camera
Bewildered and Confused
Bewildered and Confused
By SiuSiu.com
Something Beginning With Bee
Something Beginning with Bee
By _David Thomas

Gavin Hoey