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April Photo Competition ~ Results

First up I must apologise for the delay in getting the results up and I thank everyone for their patience.

The theme for April photo competition was a little different. This time there was no theme, in fact you could enter any photo you liked as long as it had one important element… the texture on my website.

First up I’d like to thank everyone who got into the spirit of the competition. With 149 entries I think this has been the largest entry to date and as such it’s taken me a while to select a winner.

Once again the standard of the entries was very high, in fact I’d go so far as to say the quality of the photos was the best I’ve seen in these challenges so far. Here’s how I choose the finalists.

I looked at all 149 entries very carefully. Many of the images were excellent photos with a texture over the top and whilst that fitted the theme I was looking for the texture to add another dimension to the image. With that in mind I narrowed it down to around 20 photos and from those I picked my top 10.

However there can only be one winner and this month the winner is…Mushrooms By Muffet


Muffet will be getting a copy of his print made by my good friends over at Print Yours.

Near Misses…
The runners up in no particular order are below. Click on an image to view it large on Flickr. If you didn’t win this time there will be a new challenge running until the end of May. Details coming very soon.

Cafe Culture (Aged)
Cafe Culture (aged)
By Oh, look…A butterfly!
APRTexture Worthing Pier
APRtexture Worthing Pier
By SheilaH2012
Planets 2012 from Pandorium Design©
Planets 2012
By © PANDORIUM DESIGN | Alex Photography
Seen Better Days
Seen better days
By ilovemegapixels
Out of the Darkness
Out of the darkness
By Michael Deville’s Photography
as time goes passing by...
As time goes passing by…
By rebecca1791
Untitled By LITRATO 1430
West Pier Texture
West Pier Texture By graham_r_c
For the Gavin Hoey Flickr Group -- April Contest. Texture courtesy Gaving Hoey, www.gavtrain.com/free/APRTexture.jpg
Untitled By Decoupart

Gavin Hoey