Posted February 5, 2012 by Gavin Hoey in Articles

Next Photoshop Evangelist 2012

You probably don’t remember what you were doing on 30th March 2011, but I do.

That was the first day of Photoshop World Florida 2011 and I had front row seats to the keynote speech. After that it was off for a private lunch with the Photoshop product managers including Bryan O’Neil Hughes and Zorana Gee. In the afternoon I was giving a Photoshop presentation on the Adobe expo stand along side some of my heros like Russell Preston Brown. Then in the evening I was relaxing with members of the Photoshop team at BB Kings blues club enjoying live music from Scott Kelby’s band.

That’s what happens when you win Adobe’s Next Photoshop Evangelist competition and the fantastic news is they’re doing it all over again.

The rules are simple. All you have to do is record a video tutorial using Photoshop CS5 that demonstrates a hidden gem feature and has you saying the words “Hidden Gem”. Upload it the the Next Photoshop Evangelist Facebook page and cross your fingers.

So what’s a hidden gem? It’s a feature that’s brand new to Photoshop CS5 that you’ve found a new, unusual or original way of using.

This time round I’m not allowed to enter, but if I could I would. There are other restrictions as well so please read the terms of entry

Let me know if you enter and if you win remember to say hi to the Photoshop World team from me.

Gavin Hoey