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March Photo Challenge winner

The theme for March photo competition was “Food for thought” which was a little more challenging then either the January competition or the February challenge. As always I left the interpretation of that phrase completely open and I was really pleased to see so many people have a go.

First up I’d like to thank everyone who got into the spirit of the competition. The purpose of these challenges is to get you to go out and take or make an image that fits the bill rather then simply choosing a photo from your hard drive. So if you went out and took a photo just for this challenge then you should be proud of your achievement.

This time round the winner wasn’t chosen by me. Instead I handed that responsibility to Sam, who many of you know is a food writer and photographer. You can see some of Sam’s work over at her website www.samskitchen.net.

Once again the standard of the entries was very high, so I asked Sam to pick one winner and 9 runners up. I think Sam’s chosen a great selection of photos which cover the whole range of interpretations of “Food for thought”

However there can only be one winner and this month the winner is…Five-A-Day By Drag’n’Drop

Drag’n’Drop will be getting a copy of his print made by my good friends over at Print Yours.

Near Misses…
The runners up in no particular order are below. Click on an image to view it large on Flickr. If you didn’t win this time there’s a new challenge running until the end of April. Details coming very soon.

Kiwi Kiwi By Arangan Ananth Insect Food
Insect Food
By Jellymoon Photography
Pasni: A rice feeding ceremony
Pasni: A rice feeding ceremony
By sukuchha
Schweeeeet!! By stormer014
Fruit Fairy cake-19
Fruit Fairy cake-19
By Davebozy
Rice and Spice
Rice and Spice By debrasflower
Deconstructed Chicken n Chips
Deconstructed Chicken ‘n’ Chips
By Phil-Williams
Enough is Enough
Enough is Enough 
By teddybearwithatowel
Creme Eggs How to you eat yours
Creame Eggs How to you eat yours
By CrazyDave53

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