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February Photo Winner

The theme for February’s photo competition was Elements, a simple word with many meanings. I left it completely open as to which meaning of the word should be used, so it’s not surprising that there was a big entry with a wide range of interpretations of the theme.

First up I’d like to thank everyone who got into the spirit of the competition. If you went out and took a photo just for this challenge then you should be proud of your achievement.

Choosing a winner proved much harder this time then the first photo contest I ran in January. The standard of the entries was just as high, so I started by narrowing down the entry to those that caught my eye. That helped narrow down the choice a bit but I was still left with a large number of photos, any one of which could have been the winner. So in the end I selected the photos that I felt best fitted the theme.

So the winner is…A Breeze By Tem Breum

Tem will be getting a copy of his print made by my good friends over at Print Yours.

Near Misses…
The runners up in no particular order are below. Click on an image to view it large on Flickr. If you didn’t win this time there’s a new challenge running until the end of March. Details are here

Raindrops By Baohan Nguyen
By gibocaster
Oslo 0457 By HD love Photography
Agua Ardiendo
Agua Ardiendo By Nela_CroRose
Falling Diamonds..  
Falling Diamonds… 
By Shree Photography
Square of Fire
Square of Fire By Max Habich
Ledge Point 
Ledge Point By damo1275
Watercolour By stevesyson
Boy with torch
Boy with torch By sinnedh

Gavin Hoey