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Kingston Ultimate 600X ~ Review

In this review I’m looking at the Kingston ultimate 600X, it’s a compact flash memory card that promises to really pack a punch when it comes to speed and capacity. Lets see how well if fares in the real world. Verd...

Photoshop Elements 11 ~ First look

I’ve always had a soft spot for Photoshop Elements. It’s 90% cheaper then Photoshop, its bigger brother, and yet it still does 90% of everything I need Photoshop to do. Traditionally Elements is updated every 12 months and in t...


Skyline Lightroom 4 presets ~ Review

When it comes to editing my photos, I love anything that can speed up the process whilst at the same time maintain the quality I’m looking for. That’s why I love creating actions in Photoshop. In Lightroom the processes of auto...

Studio Clamps

If I asked you to come up with a list of the top 100 gadgets you would buy for a photographic studio, I’m pretty sure the studio clamps would fall somewhere towards the end. Let’s face it clamps are clamps right? All they do is...


Wireless Flora Lightbank ~ Review

Back in September 2011 I reviewed the Flora Light Bank from Linco and found them to be excellent for video work and not so bad for photography too. Now the people at Linco have come up with a new wireless version. So lets find ...

WhiBal Grey card ~ Review

When it comes to getting very accurate colours in your photos, you’ll need to start with a known colour reference. That’s where a grey card comes into it’s own. I’ve used several grey cards in recent years, but the WhiBal from ...


Lexar USB 3 Card Reader ~ Review

Hopefully every photographer reading this already knows that the best and fastest way to get your images from a memory card to your computer is via a card reader. For the past few years I’ve been using either the internal card ...

Yongnuo ST-E2 first look

It seems that Canon have been rather slow in seeing the advantage in off camera flash. Until the introduction of cameras like the Canon 7D and 60D, if you wanted to fire an off camera speedlite and still enjoy the benefits of E...


Flora Light ~ Review

There are seems to be an endless choice of lighting options available to the modern photographer, but the choice often boils down to either flash or continuous light sources. Personally I like and use both on a regular basis, i...

Hasselblad H4D – Experience and thoughts

Let’s get something clear right from the word go… I love my Canon cameras and lenses and have no plans to buy a Hasselblad any time soon. OK with that out of the way I’ll briefly explain why I’m not using Canon for the photos i...