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Manhattan 15 Minute Photo Challenge

So here it is, the last video from a my short visit to New York. Actually this was the first video I made whilst out there but for reasons that are a bit of a mystery to me, this has only just been uploaded to Adorama TV. The l...

Reigate Fort 15 Minute Photo Challenge

It’s time for another 15 minute photo challenge and this time I visit a fort in Surrey. Unfortunately for me this particular fort is mostly buried below ground and isn’t accessible to casual visitors such as myself....


Poppy field – 15 Minute Photo Challenge

Not so long ago I added a new 15 minute photo challenge to Adorama TV, if you can see the video below in case you missed it. This time I visited a field of poppies growing on the south downs just outside of Brighton, Sussex. I&...

Coastal 15 minute photo challenge

I know there are a lot of photographers out there who enjoy my 15 minute photo challenge videos, including me. Although I don’t get the chance to make as many as I once did they’re certainly not consigned to the his...


Lovingly Made Photo Challenge

It’s been a while since undertaking my last 15 minute photo challenge so for all of you who have been asking when they’ll return I’ve got some happy news. My latest 15 minute challenge is now out and with any luck it won’t be t...

15 Minute Photo Challenge – Winchester Cathedral

It’s time for another 15 Minute Photo Challenge. In a change from my previous outdoor locations I decided to do this challenge inside the amazing cathedral in Winchester. Why inside? Well partly because it’s an excellent locati...