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eSeminar recording

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who attended the live eSeminar yesterday, it’s always great to see that some familiar names are in the room. I must also thank Adobe UK for hosting and organising the online event. I’m pleas...

Free eSeminar

Earlier this year I held a live eSeminar in association with Adobe UK. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch it at the time because I’ve been booked to do three, all new eSeminars, starting this week. Best of all the eSeminar is 100%...


Find me on Google+

Google+ finally went public around a week ago, which throws open the doors to the newest social networking platform. At this stage I’m undecided about how this new player will fit in to my life, but if you fancy following...

Quick Print Resizer – Free Action

Here’s another one of my free downloads. As always it’s hosted on Adobe Exchange which means it’s free to download, but you’ll need to register on the Adobe site. It’s well worth it registering as it opens the door to lots of g...


Brighton Sewer – Photography Challenge

Sometimes photography can take you to some very unusual places and nowhere is more challenging then going into the maze of Victorian sewers that crisscross beneath the feet of the people of Brighton. It might have been easier i...

A day at the races

Usually my email inbox is full of the usual junk mail, spam and the odd bizarre suggestions for videos (but that’s another story). Every now and then an email arrives that’s a bit special and when I read the email from Geoff, I...


New training location

Way back in January this year i visited the Gatwick Aviation Museum in Surrey to do one of my 15 minute photo challenges. It was a freezing cold day with a biting wind. Half the planes were wrapped up in protective winter cover...

Watermark your Photos

For a lot of people the need to protect their images with a watermark is very real. The reasons can vary from downright image theft to the more subtle uses such as someone passing off one of your photos are their own work. What...


Flora Light ~ Review

There are seems to be an endless choice of lighting options available to the modern photographer, but the choice often boils down to either flash or continuous light sources. Personally I like and use both on a regular basis, i...