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Smoke Machine Background

One of the draw backs of working in any studio is the finite nature of the backgrounds you can work with during a shoot. Of course if you’re handy at a bit of DIY you can build your own sets and create some amazing backgr...

Westcott Rapid Box Octa – Review

If you take your speedlights on location you already know how nice it is to work with lightweight gear that can be set up and packed down really fast. So when it comes to choosing a softbox to partner my speedlight, I’m looking...


Controlling reflections in glasses

So you’ve got the lights, you have your model and you’re ready to shoot. Then you take a test photo and all you see is huge white reflections. It’s a problem that happens all too often but fortunately there are a couple o...
Friday Freebie

Fractured Paint Brush – Friday Freebie

Back in 2011 I made a video on how to create a fractures or shattered image using Photoshop. I’ve added it to this post in case you missed it. To create the effect I made some fractured paint brushes which I uploaded to t...


Softbox Size vs Soft Light

One of the primary uses of a softbox is to give soft lighting, but with so many sizes available, which one should you use? The answer in part comes from the classic rule with soft lighting which is this. The bigger the light so...

Red Riding Hood Photo Shoots

You probably already know the story of Red Riding Hood, it’s a timeless fairy tale about a girl and a big bad wolf. It’s also a popular subject for photography and something I wanted to take on too. Traditionally th...


Flashpoint Rovelight RL600 Review

The world of flash is rapidly changing. 12 months ago I was using my Elinchrom flashes in the studio and my collection of Speedlights on location. But new battery technology has changed what I use and how I shoot. The perfect e...

Home Studio Essentials Episodes 1-10

If you’ve been watching my recent videos over on Adorama TV you’ll have noticed a pattern forming. Over the past months the majority of the videos have focused on shooting with flash in a small, home studio and judg...


Halloween Shoot

Last Friday was Halloween and I spent the evening taking some suitably spooky portraits. The location for the shoot was the recently opened Square 1 Studio near Dorking, an amazing place and one of the best studios I’ve u...

My Adorama Streaklight Bundles

After a bit of arm twisting Adorama has just released the “Gavin Hoey Recommends…” Streaklight Essentials Bundle and the Streaklight Twin Kit Bundle. If you’ve been watching any of my recent videos you&#...