Posted December 25, 2013 by Gavin Hoey in Videos

Three photo ideas for Christmas

Christmas-Lights--CarIt’s Christmas day and if you were lucky enough to get some new camera gear today you’ll probably be itching to try it out, at least that’s what I always want to do. So here are three of my festive themed video tutorials to give you some photo inspirtation.

There’s a mix of inside and outside tips and tricks for bothe beginner and the more advanced photographer, so grab your camera and shart shooting!

Balance Flash and Christmas Lights
In this video I take on a challenge of balancing low powered Christmas fairy lights with flash. Dragging the shutter, as the technique is also known, is one of those camera skills that every photographer with a speedlite should master and this is a great way to hone your skills. Scale up the technique just a little and the exact same skill will worth with portraits too.

Shoot Christmas lights from your car
Got a new tripod for Christmas? Then this is the perfect photo challenge for you! Grab your widest angle lens or if you have one, a fish eye lens is just perfect. Part II is come soon.

Shoot great bokeh
Bokeh is an optical effect that can create stunningly beautiful photos, it’s also really easy to do once you know the basics and that’s exactly what I show in this video.

Gavin Hoey