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2 Self-Portraits with 1 light

Self-portrait-1When I first started to learn about lighting I focused all attention on the complexities of flashes first and foremost. Of course whilst lighting is the cornerstone of great portraits, so is an ability to get the best from your model and trust me on this, that can be a lot harder to master.

One way to practice portraiture is shooting a self-portrait project. It’s a great way to practice and perfect various lighting arrangements without the need of a model, subject or assistant. 

In this video I’ll show you how to shoot two very different self portraits but remarkably, the lighting will be identical for both. The only thing that will change is the background. 

Why change the background, you may ask. Well, the first shot has a black, low key background and the second set of photos has a grey background, which is much simpler to remove and replace with a new background in Photoshop, as you’ll see in the video.

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Gear used in this video 

Interfit Collapsible Double Sided Background, Black / White

 Canon 60D

Canon 24-105mm L f/4 IS

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT Tripod

Vanguard GH-100 Grip Head

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Canon 580 EX II Flash

Flash bracket

Interfit air cushioned light stand

Silver reflective umbrella

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Gavin Hoey