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August Photo Competition ~ The Result

The theme for the August photo competition was “Beach and Sea”. If you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll be aware that it’s been some time since I ran one of these and this time I only gave you just under two weeks instead of the usual month.

None the less you lot really pulled out the stops with a whopping 134 photos being entered and I’d like to thank everyone that got into the spirit of the competition. You can view all the entries by going to the Flickr group page.

As always I looked at all 134 entries very carefully and over the course of a few days I whittled down the number. Usually the first photos I reject are those which are several years old as the idea is to encourage you to go out and take a photo for the competition, not upload an old favourite. However due to the short time scale I gave you I didn’t do that this time round.

There were so many amazing photos it all came down to personal taste (mine in this case), so I selected my favourite photos and the best of those made it into the top 10 as seen below.

To be honest there were several photos which could have easily taken the top spot as I think they’re outstanding. However there can only be one winner and this month the winner is…Untitled By PhotoPcola


David will be getting a copy of his print made by my good friends over at Print Yours.

Near Misses…
The runners up in no particular order are below (keep scrolling down to the find the photos). This time I’ve made a short video looking at why the top 10 are where they are, I hope it helps and remember all the opinions are mine so I don’t expect everyone to agree, especially if you took the photo Winking smile

Click on an image to view it large on Flickr. If you didn’t win this time there will be a new challenge. Details are coming soon.

Gavin Hoey