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Happisburgh, The Alternative Ending

Recently I uploaded a video for Adorama TV that I shot at Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast. If you missed it then you definitely missed out, so click here to go back and watch it. In the first video I showed both the photograph...

Exposure Compensation ~ Basics

In my book there are two fundamentals to what makes a photo good or bad and they are proper focus and a perfect exposure. Get either of these things wrong and you’re fighting an up hill battle from the off. In this post I’ll lo...


Take & Make ~ Episode 5

Somehow I managed to bypass this video to the blog which wouldn’t have been right as this one was really fun to do. Living in the UK we have a reputation for wet weather and although in reality it doesn’t really rain all that o...

How fast is your memory card?

The other day whilst I was running a lighting training session one of my students filled up his memory card. Fortunately he’d packed an older spare card so we swapped to that and carried on shooting. So what’s so unusual about ...


August Photo Challenge

I know, I know! It’s far too long since the last photo challenge and my inbox has been filling up with question like, “What’s the topic for the next photo challenge?” and “When will the next photo challenge be starting?” Well t...

Take & Make ~ Episode 4

You may have noticed a bit of radio silence on the site of late. That’s been down to two things. Firstly I’ve been working for Adobe in the media centre during the recent London Olympics and after that, I’ve been a...