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Best of 2011

As the year draws to a close it’s the perfect time to look back at my videos from the year. For those of you who like statistics, I uploaded 53 video tutorials to my YouTube channel during the past 12 months, which have had jus...

Using a Grey Card in Lighroom

Colours can be a very subjective thing, I might process a picture and push the colours towards the warm side, where as you might process the same picture but process the colours a bit cooler. On their own both pictures will loo...


WhiBal Grey card ~ Review

When it comes to getting very accurate colours in your photos, you’ll need to start with a known colour reference. That’s where a grey card comes into it’s own. I’ve used several grey cards in recent years, but the WhiBal from ...

Christmas Photoshop Quiz

If like me you love a good quiz at Christmas then here’s 10 questions that will put your Photoshop knowledge to the test. They range from quite easy to very tricky and all the answers are multiple choice. Getting the answer to ...


One Light, Three Portrait Styles

Earlier in the year I had the chance to spend a day at the Hasselblad studios in London. I got some hands on time with their top of the range H4D-50 camera and shoot some photos. I also squeezed in some time to record a couple ...

Welcome to Facebook

Casual visitors to my Facebook page may notice something a little different right now. A few days ago I added a welcome page to my facebook site. If you’re not “liked” my page this is where you’ll land but if you have “liked” t...


Goodwood Slideshow

Back in September 2011 I held a camera training session at the Goodwood Revival. If you missed it, check out my blog post here. I was guests of Geoff & Dan who were kind enough not only to arrange entry for us all, but also...

Using Color Range in Photoshop – Video

There are many ways to turn a colour photo into a mono masterpiece in Photoshop, but in this tutorial I aim to keep some of the original colour and bring back through the black and white effect. To achieve the final image I’ll ...