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Raw Double Process – HDR Effect

Ever since I posted the last 15 minute photo challenge video I’ve been constantly receiving questions like… How did you make the images look so good, what did you do in Photoshop, are they all HDR… and so on. ...

Quick Shot Answers No.1

You asked the questions and I’ll provide the answers. Questions in this video. 1- How do I minimise noise ? 2- How many studio lights do I really need? 3- Does Elements have the same RAW controls and Photoshop? 4- Why can’t ope...


Hasselblad H4D – Experience and thoughts

Let’s get something clear right from the word go… I love my Canon cameras and lenses and have no plans to buy a Hasselblad any time soon. OK with that out of the way I’ll briefly explain why I’m not using Canon for the photos i...

Selective colour in five steps

Selective colour is one of those little Photoshop tricks that’s well worth keeping up your sleeve. The effect is hardly new, cutting edge or revolutionary, but it can still make an eye catching image providing it’s used sparing...