Posted February 24, 2011 by Gavin Hoey in Videos

Raw Double Process – HDR Effect

Ever since I posted the last 15 minute photo challenge video I’ve been constantly receiving questions like… How did you make the images look so good, what did you do in Photoshop, are they all HDR… and so on.

Now, normally I don’t show the Photoshop techniques I use to create the photos from the 15 minute challenge photo challenge. Please understand, that’s not for any reasons of secrecy, I just think you would be very disappointed at how little I actually do to the images. On the few occasions I show people they often end up saying… “and that’s it!”

However such was the lighting at the Gatwick Aviation Museum, where I filmed the photo challenge, that Photoshop played a much bigger role in the image creation. So here’s a short video demonstrating one of the techniques I employed.

And here’s the final image:

Gatwick Aviation Museum (9)

Gavin Hoey