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Best Position for your Softbox

It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut of setting up exactly the same lighting for every shoot. It’s a comfort, you know what result you get. Check out Gavin’s video to show the difference a shift in the softb...

Secret Portrait Shoot Picture Palace

Sam here and we’re back with another Secret shoot!!! If you don’t know what that is let me explain. I  arrange a shoot that Gavin knows nothing about, he will just turn up to shoot. No planning, no researc...


A 2018 Photo Shoot Round Up

As well as a load of video tutorial photo shoots we’ve also had some great location workshops this year. I have everything crossed that we have some more amazing places to see next year as well as working with the most fa...

2018 Video round up.

This year has sped past at a rapid rate. It’s been an awesome year for photography. We’ve been to some amazing places and worked and met with some fantastic people. Here’s just a few highlights. We shot 3...


The Making Of My Festive, Fine Art Background

Check out the video below where Gavin shares how he made this festive background. If you’re short on time use the one he already created here We hope you enjoy the video and get the chance to try out the technique with yo...
Friday Freebie

Festive Stars Template

With the festive holidays fast approaching I thought I’d share my festive stars template. My planned use for this is that it will become a background for a fine art portrait but I’m pretty sure there’s plenty ...