Posted January 7, 2012 by Gavin Hoey in Videos

More splash photo tips

January in the UK usually means cold days, long nights and a lack of enthusiasm to go out and find new things to photograph. If that sounds familiar then you’re going to love this idea as it involves staying inside where it’s warm and dry.

Did I say dry? OK that might not be strictly accurate as when you’re dropping objects into tanks of water things are going to get wet.

For this photo I filled a small glass fish tank with clean water and set about finding things from around the house to drop in the drink and photograph. It wasn’t long before I’d lined up an eclectic mix of candidates including, bottles of bath gel, items of fruit and even a piggy bank! But it was the red dice that really worked for me.

In the video I start by going over the strobist speedlight adaptor. I used the adaptor to attach a beauty dish which spreads and softens the light a little. It’s a very useful gadget, but not essential for the shot. If you don’t have a beauty dish, a small softbox will work just as well or even the bare flash if all else fails.

Gavin Hoey