Posted May 28, 2011 by Gavin Hoey in Videos

Interview for Adobe Photoshop

PSW-bannerA few months back I was a guest of Adobe at the massive Photoshop World convention in Florida, USA. Three days of non stop Photoshop and photography was both exciting and exhausting but I came back with loads of new ideas and met some pretty incredible people too.

How did get to be a guest of Adobe? Well I did it by winning a competition to create a two minute Photoshop video tutorial for Adobe’s “Next Photoshop Evangelist Competition”

Of course being the guest of Adobe I had to earn my keep. Was well as the convention, Photoshop World runs a pretty decent expo which features all the major software names as well as a host other camera related companies. Adobe had a pretty big stand and ran a rolling seminar programme of which I was a small part.

On the second day I was asked to do a short interview about how I earned my experiences of Photoshop World and other questions. Expecting to be given some time to prepare I happily agreed and was handed a list of question. I had a very quick look through them and that was my preparation time finished!

As it turned out that was probably the best way to do it. Watch the video below to see the results…

Gavin Hoey