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Friday Freebie
Friday Freebie

Painted Corner Brushes – Friday Freebie

Here’s a painted border effect with a neat twist. First up these are paint brushes rather then a template and that means you can change the colour, opacity and use them with the Brush or Eraser tools. There’s four b...
Friday Freebie

Creased and Folded Action – Friday Freebie

In the real world folding a photo isn’t a smart move unless it’s heading for the bin. However in the mad cap world of Photoshop you can virtually fold a photo any time you like. With this Friday Freebie Photoshop ac...

Friday Freebie

Cracked Photoshop Brushes

Cracked and pealing paint always draw me in as a photographer so here’s a great Friday freebie which combines a selection of my peeling paint photo and turns them into cracked Photoshop brushes. These brushes are full res...
Friday Freebie

Jigsaw Puzzle – Friday Freebie

Going through some old toys the other day I found this giant kids jigsaw puzzle and instantly thought “Friday Freebie”. It’s officially a 28 piece Spot the Dog jigsaw but you can thank my daughter for putting ...

Friday Freebie

Paper Texture – Friday Freebie

We have a small collection of old books in our house which is slowly growing. Each one has aged differently and most have some wonderful textures hidden inside, which means I’m never short of photo inspiration. This weeks...

Instant Photo Collage Action – Friday Freebie

It’s a case of two for the price of one with this Friday freebie Photoshop action as I’ve recorded a version for portrait (upright) and landscape (wide) format images. This action is an extension of the four part sp...

Friday Freebie

Pile of Prints Action – Friday Freebie

Here’s a lovely little Photoshop action which produces a very pleasing effect, all with one click of the mouse. Back in the day I recall the joy and frustration of getting a pile of prints back from the developers and sor...
Friday Freebie

Retro Film Triptych – FRIDAY FREEBIE

I made this Photoshop template for a recent all day photography workshop and then set the participants the task of looking for themed photos to fill it. It was so much fun that I thought it was worth sharing with everyone. Full...

Friday Freebie

Cut Corners Action

You know how some ideas sound easy until you try and make them happen, well this Friday Freebie Photoshop action really ticks that box. All I wanted to do was make a photo look like it was slotted into the corners of a vintage ...
Friday Freebie

My Studio Texture

If you caught my post yesterday then you’ll know that I recently built a textured background in my studio. Well it seems there are quite a few people out there that would love to do the same but don’t have the space...