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Blast From The Past – ACTION SET

Blast From The Past – ACTION SET

The blast from the past action set is exclusive to and recreates some amazing camera and film effects with just one click of the mouse.

This action pack contains 20 actions which create 8 different effects with plenty of variations.

Instant Download. Once through the checkout, you’ll be offered the chance to download the action set. Don’t worry if you can’t download now, you’ll also receive an email with the action pack attached.

All the actions are compatible with Photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, CS4 & CS3
For US English Photoshop only


Instant Download

(€5.75, US$8.50 Approx.)

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Try the demo action.

Cross process
The cross process action gives a punch of colour and contrast to your images. Supplied in two variations, it also shifts the the colours to either a warmer or cooler tone. Finally it adds a slight vignette edge/border to the image.
Lomo Effect
This action is similar to cross process, but much stronger. You’ll notice a big shift in contrast and a strong change in colour. The lomo effect also has two versions the second features a much stronger vignette.
Centre Spot Clear
The classic camera filter effect at a click of the mouse. There are two versions with medium and high amounts of edge blur to suit your needs. Requires an image of at least 2000 pixels on the longest edge for best effect.
Polaroid Frame
Instamatic images were all the rage before the age of digital cameras. This action takes your photo, makes the polaroid frame and combines them together in seconds. It will also lower the colour saturation and apply a slight colour shift to enhance the effect.
Film Strip
Yes you really can make a film strip effect in just one click! This simple but hugely popular framing effect comes in two versions. There is the single cell version you see here and a three cell version which leaves the outer two cells blank for you to add further images.
Old Print
Not just old, but distressed. With four colour effects to choose from including cool, warm and original image. The highlight of the action is the unique grungy border which will be different with every photo you use.
Canvas Texture
More then a simple texture effect, the canvas texture action comes in two versions, warm and neutral. The size of the texture will vary according to the size of the image. A minimum size of 1000 pixels on the longest edge is recommended, but can be ignored. (Note: preview image is enlarged from full image)
Having spent years working in the darkroom trying to avoid scratching film, I’ve now made an action that does just that. This action adds long thin scratches and comes in a choice of vertical or horizontal. Great for distressing grungy images.
(Note: preview image is enlarged from full image)
The above images all started life like this.

It took just one click to make any of these effects.

Need help installing the actions? This video might help.