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Aviation Apocalypse Workshop

The Aviation Apocalypse workshop is a day not to be missed for anyone that loves shooting amazing portraits with creative themes. Based at the Gatwick Aviation Museum in Surrey, we’ll be mixing portraits of pilots with a post apocalypse themed photo shoot. I’ll be joined by fellow professional photographer Tommy Reynolds and two great models. You’ll get to work with both photographers and both models during the day, so you can expect to go home with a great collection of varied images.

The Gatwick Aviation Museum has some great locations both inside and outside, plus we’ll also have access to areas away from the public that are a little less tidy but perfect as photo locations. Our two models (one male, one female) will each have the same theme but very different looks and the themes will change over the lunch break. Half the day will be aviators in the style of Amelia Earhart and a fighter pilot, the other half of the day will see our models in a post apocalypse themed shoot.

The Workshop will include…

  • Shoot with male and female models
  • Two photography experts to help you get the shots
  • Maximum of 6 photographers per model
  • Freedom to experiment with ideas of your own

This workshop is subject to our Terms and Conditions

Places Available – There will be a maximum of 12 spaces available per date
Location Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood, Surrey
– Approximately 6-7 Hours including a lunch break (10am Start Time)
Other Information
– This workshop is best suited to photographers with an interest in portrait photography and are looking to hone their skills or add to their portfolio. Smoke machines may be used during this workshop.
More information – please Contact us stating your interested in the The Aviation Apocalypse Workshop

F.A.Q.’s about this workshop.
Before you decide on to book take a look at the questions and answers below to help give you a little bit more of an insight into what to expect.

Who will be running the workshop?
Gavin Hoey will be leading the workshops and will be assisted by Tommy Reynolds

Where is the worksop?
The workshop is located near Charlwood, Surrey. We’ll be at the Gatwick Aviation Museum which has plenty of on site parking and a great selection of classic aircraft. The museum is 10 minutes away from M23 junction 9 or an 8 minute taxi ride from Gatwick Airport South Terminal. Full directions will be sent out the week before the event.

Is there any difference to last years event?
The 2017 Aviation Apocalypse workshop will run as near as possible to the hugely successful 2016 workshop

Is this an educational workshop?
The primary goal of the workshop is to get everyone taking home some great photos. This isn’t a masterclass where you stand around watching and it’s not a training workshop for beginners. Both Gavin and Tommy will be on hand to answer any questions, give guidance and advice but you’ll also be expected to chip in with your own ideas.

What style of photography will be covered?
This is a portrait workshop with a range of styles from classic location portraits, through to conceptual portrait photography
NOTE: It will not include any glamour, lingerie or fine art nude.

Who are the models for this shoot?
There will be two models on this shoot, each changing their look over the lunch break. Both Kerry Allingham and Roger Bruce are set to be our models for both workshops dates. Please be aware that the model line up may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.

Will I get one to one time with the models?
You’ll be working in groups of up to seven photographers so there’ll be plenty of time for everyone to get a turn at assisting and shooting. Shooting sessions last around an hour after which you’ll swap over to the other model.

Will I get a fixed shooting slot?
We will NOT be dividing the sessions into slots. You’re free to shoot when you like but you will be expected to share nicely with your fellow photographers.

Is this a flash or natural light workshop?
It’s both. We will have flash gear on hand (no need to bring your own) and will use it when required.

What time does the workshop start?
We suggest arriving at around 9:45 for a 10.00 start.

Is the workshop suitable for those with disabilities?
Whilst we’ll do all we can to accommodate everyone’s needs, we’ll be going away from the public areas where the ground can be uneven. Those with mobility issues may find it harder to get around.

What happens if it rains?
If it rains we get wet! This is an outside workshop although there is potential to shoot inside the museum if things get really bad. We reserve the right to postpone the workshop at short notice should the forecast be truly terrible but it’s highly unlikely to happen.

Are refreshments included?
Tea, coffee and water will be available and if you’re really lucky there may even be some of Sam’s legendary home made cakes or biscuits for you to enjoy. You’ll need to bring you’re own lunch as there aren’t any restaurants in the near vicinity. The museum does have a small shop selling ice lollies and drinks.

What will I need to bring?
For this workshop a Digital SLR (or mirrorless equivalent) camera and a standard zoom lens (e.g 24-70mm) is ideal. Wide angle lenses (e.g. 12 – 20mm) work really well at the location as do longer lenses(e.g. 70-200mm). If you’re unsure about bringing a particular lens please ask but our advice is generally the same… If you don’t mind carrying it, bring it!

Flash lighting and radio triggers will be provided, so you can leave yours at home but if you own flash meter and are comfortable using it, bring it along.

You should also bring suitable clothing for the weather and sensible shoes. On wet days things can get muddy and soggy under foot. On sunny days pack the sun cream.

Does the make of camera matter?
Not really. Radio flash triggers will be used during the workshop, so as long as your camera has a standard hotshoe you’ll be fine. Cameras from Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Panasonic will be just fine, however some SONY owners will need to bring their own adapter to convert the unique Sony hotshoe to a standard hotshoe. If in doubt, please ask in advance.

Can I contact you?
Of course. Please you the contact form here and start you message with Aviation Apocalypse Workshop

Can you recommend somewhere to stay?
We have many photographer who travel very long distances to be with us. Being so close to Gatwick airport means there’s no shortage of places to stay and a wide variety of prices to choose from. If you would like to include an overnight stay with your visit please take a look at the excellent information provided by Trip Advisor. London: Gatwick Hotels or one of the many hotel search websites

Do you have any tips to get the most from the workshop?
Tip 1: Make sure you bring plenty of spare memory cards and fully charged batteries
Tip 2: Don’t buy a new piece of equipment just to attend the course, you may not need it.
Tip 3: Don’t panic if you get held up. Just give a call (details will be sent closer to the workshop date) and let us know.
Tip 4: Don’t expect every shot to be perfect. The workshop is all about experimenting and that means making mistakes
Tip 5: Get involved. Taking photos is what it’s all about but you can also learn a lot by helping your fellow photographer too.