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Photoshop skills – beginner

icon-pc-50_thumb1 Photoshop skills – beginner

icon-PS-beg_thumb2Photoshop (and Elements) is a big program and at first it can seem a little confusing. Taking your first steps in Photoshop are often the hardest, so working at pace that’s comfortable for you, Gavin will go through the essential Photoshop tools and skills that you’ll need to get up to speed in this amazing program.

This course is aimed at new and inexperienced users of either Adobe Photoshop or Elements. It’s sole aim is to help you improve the quality of digital photos taken by you and to learn a few quick, easy and fun effects that can turn your snapshots into wow shots.

To get the most from the session we ask that you bring some of your photos (good or bad) along to the session.

The session is yours alone, so you can ask any questions you like and progress at a speed that’s perfect for your needs. It will be a mixture of instruction followed by hands on learning as we work through the photos together.

  Some of the areas covered include…

  • How to open and save your photos without losing the original
  • Improve a photos colour and contrast
  • Crop and resize an image ready to print, email or the web
  • Remove unwanted parts of a photo
  • Answers to any Photoshop/Elements questions you may have.

Price – £150 per person – Additional person £30 (maximum of 3 people per booking)

Duration – Approximately 3 Hours
Location – Crawley, West Sussex (10 minutes from Gatwick Airport)
To Book – please Contact us stating you’re interested in Camera Skills 
Date – Available all year round. Contact us to check availability
Payment – Deposit of £50 and the balance on the day.
Other Information – Some of locations will charge an entry fee which is your responsibility to cover.



F.A.Q.’s about this course.

Before you decide on to book take a look at the questions and answers below to help give you a little bit more of an insight into what to expect.

Who teaches?
Gavin Hoey will be leading all the workshops and courses.

How far ahead are you booked?
Generally we can accommodate week day booking 1-2 weeks ahead. Weekend bookings are often 1-2 months ahead. Gavin loves teaching but has to fit in many commitments into his busy schedule!!!!

What time does the course start?
That’s up to you, but we suggest either a 10.30am or a 1.30pm start time

Are refreshments included?
Generally speaking, no. Please bring your own provisions, but if your really lucky there may be some of Sam’s legendary home made cakes or biscuits for you to enjoy.

What will I need to bring?
For these courses the only thing you’ll need to bring is yourself and may be a note pad. However to really get the best from the course it’s a good idea to bring some of your own photos along.

Can I contact you?
If you would like to speak to Sam to book or ask a question then you are welcome to call 01342 717428. If no one is available to take your call please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively you can send Sam an email

Can you recommend somewhere to stay?

We have many students who travel long distances to be with us. All the locations are around the area of Gatwick airport, which means there’s no shortage of places to stay and a wide variety of prices to choose from.

If you would like to include an overnight stay with your visit please take a look at the excellent information provided by Trip Advisor. London: Gatwick Hotels

Do you have any tips to help make my course a success?
Tip 1: Make sure you bring some of your photos with you.
Tip 2: Don’t buy a new piece of equipment just to attend the course, you may not need it.
Tip 3: Don’t panic if you get held up. Just give a call (01342 717428) and let us know
Tip 4: Do have an open mind, everyone’s taste in photography is different.